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Multi-option Technical Facilitation of Public Debate Eliciting consensus nationally and internationally

Possibilities suggested by the Grand Débat in France

Current multi-platform technical viability and costs

Eliciting insights from the public via debate

Technical facilitation of insight capture and processing

Enabling consensual articulation --…


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Towards an Apollo Moon Landing-style Effort

It seems to me that the time is ripe to mount an effort roughly the equivalent of the Apollo Mission, but not the way the Apollo Mission was handled. Consider this possibility:

In comparison to the hierarchical command/control model in play which arguably worked spectacularly well during the moon landings, it is now possible to think of a network topology which is not a rooted tree; rather, a graph of well-federated efforts to bring as many people on this planet (stakeholders) into…


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Launching the Program for the Future Challenge – December 9, 2013

A joint post by Dino, David and Sam:

A recipient of the Turing Award, the National Medal of Technology and a couple of dozen other highest honors,…


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Anthony Judge: Musings on global sensemaking

Anthony Judge's latest seems like a launching pad for musing on the topic of sensemaking.  I suspect that that article, together with links from it, serve as talking points for deep thinking about sensemaking.

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Sensemaking in Decision Making - summary Phd study



Chapter 1 introduces the research question: How does sense-making develop in the context of decision-making on complex issues in a public organisation? The purpose of the research is to gather insight and to identify improvements in the process of decision-making. This research is important because democracy depends on the trustworthy execution of decisions by the public organisation. The complexity of society and…


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Revitalize our community? Here’s an idea!

We come together as a small group at a suitably designed workshop; and we plan and sensemake and create together.

More concretely: I propose to join us at the Third International Workshop on Knowledge Federation, September 30–October 3 in Dubrovnik, Croatia; possibly to co-create this event together.

We can offer:

  • An attractive venue in a Renaissance city, lovely meeting locale at the Inter-University Centre with a park extending all the…

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Condos in the Big Data Knowledge Garden

My slides for a presentation are now up here.

The presentation is for the Big Data Science meetup, Saturday, 12 May, 2012.

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Mapping a Planet Under Pressure 2012

Debategraph is collaborating with the Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference team to weave together the arguments, evidence and policy options discussed at the conference into a coherent, dynamic knowledge map that can be shared with, and explored by, a global public audience in the build up to the UN…


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My sensemaking book "The Heretic's Guide to Best Practices" is now out

Hi there

Long time lurker, first time poster to this network. I wanted to let members know what after two long years, I am thrilled to announce that a book I wrote with Kailash Awati has now been released.

The full title is "The Heretic's Guide to Best Practices: The Reality of Managing Complex Problems in Organisations".   The book contains some…


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Systemic innovation can help collective sensemaking change conventional practice

In systemic innovation we take a step beyond offering or adding sensemaking tools to a conventional practice, such as journalism or science; we combine sensemaking and other IT tools and use them as Lego blocks to recreate the practice – by aligning it with the social purposes it needs to serve. Is systemic innovation the missing link that can help us realize the full potential of collective sensemaking?

Help us develop this promising innovation practice and…


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The 2011 Climate CoLab Contest

The Climate CoLab, an online project by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Collective Intelligence (MIT CCI), offers the unique chance for people anywhere on the planet, of any background, education and profession, at all hours of every day of the year, to work together in addressing climate change.

How does the CoLab work?

The CoLab is structured around a series of activities that invite the public to develop proposals on what should be done about climate…


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Knowledge Federation 2010 - A strategy to implement global sensemaking

How will astute sensemaking tools and practices leave the circle of specialists and have the intended impact on conventional practice? While several members of this community are successfully working on this agenda, by evolving suitable social organization in journalism, science and education, including new media and practices, we can make a significant step forward.

Please join us at Second…

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Knowmads as metabolic reactors of information (Hybrid Future and Knowmads (pt 3)

Latest entry in the Polytopia project: Knowmads as metabolic reactors of information (Hybrid Future and Knowmads (pt 3)

this represents pt6 in the The rise of the Cyber Unified Civilization series of posts

Thoughts and comments much appreciated

(as an aside, an… Continue

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What to do?

Hello everyone!

I am a student at Interaction Design, and I was planning to develop ideas for argument representation / debating tool as a master's…

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IBIS meets MediaWiki

As part of a much larger open source collective intelligence platform, an IBIS extension has been created for MediaWiki. The development website for it is found here. What you can navigate at this time starts from an index of conversations. Each conversation has its own home page with an explanation (motivation) for the conversation followed by any responses, which, typically, are issues raised. That format is similar… Continue

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Compendium concept demo: emergency response

The EPSRC-funded Advanced Knowledge Technologies Consortium ran 2000-06. The final demonstrator of all the technologies coming together centred on an emergency response scenario. Compendium served as the sensemaking hub around an aircraft crash on London, envisioning how a response coordination team might use Compendium overlaid on a GIS, to keep track of events and actions, in concert with a diverse set of AKT semantic web services.

I’ve just got… Continue

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Contested Collective Intelligence

Anna De Liddo and I will be presenting this concept to the CI workshop at CSCW 2010 next month...

De Liddo , A. and Buckingham Shum, S. (2010). Cohere: A Prototype for Contested Collective Intelligence. Workshop on Collective Intelligence in Organizations: Toward a Research Agenda, ACM Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW 2010), February 6-10, 2010, Savannah, Georgia, USA. Available as ePrint:… Continue

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A Cyber Soaring Humanity-or The rise of the Cyber Unified Civilization

This is my latest entry in the Polytopia project and the first for 2010:
A Cyber Soaring Humanity - or The rise of the Cyber Unified Civilization

if you have a moment pls read it, would love to hear your comments

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Bloomer: Open Source for Collective Intelligence

The Millennium Project just announced the Global Climate Change Situation Room. The project entails numerous activities, one of which is a collective intelligence platform prototype. I am calling that project Bloomer.

The project includes a Federation… Continue

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ESSENCE and the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

During COP15 you can keep track of, and participate, in the various GSm ESSENCE sensemaking projects via the links below:

The MIT Climate Collaboratorium team

The Open University Cohere COP15 team

The Copenhagen Summit map… Continue

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