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Entity Name System

Bernard Vatant posted this link at It's a link to a pdf about OKKAM, the equivalent of a topic map that lets you look up URIs of things. It makes the same points I have been making about the use of URIs as identifiers (aka "names") for things: there is no central way at present to either control the distribution of URIs (anybody can make them up as needed, thus the potential to have the same… Continue

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Yochai Benkler talk online

"Cooperation, Human Systems Design, and Peer Production" is in a teleconference starting now at ontolog. Slides are online now. mp3 of the talk will be available later.

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Visual Conversations

Bill Daul sent this message to his NextNow tribe:

Howard Rheingold twitted this item. It looks like a potentially great tool (or at least completely different) to use in a variety of potential ways...check it out!

Here is a sample conversation where "visual conversation" norms are discussed. Click on any… Continue

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OpEd Issue Map

I added a new photo here based on a Compendium map I did of Paul Krugman's NyTimes OpEd titled Grains Gone Wild found here (registration may be required). It's reasonable to expect that others who attempt to map the same discussion could return different maps; an important aspect of collective sensemaking are… Continue

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Subject-centric computing

For several years now, I've been giving talks on subject-centric computing with my talks on "federation". I've been amazed at how many people require that I define "federation". Now, it would seem that "Subject-Centric Computing" has come to have its day in the sun--likely through no efforts of mine, but still very satisfying. One of my earliest critics is now one of the loudest champions. Read Steve Pepper's slides to see what I mean.… Continue

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A sketch of a Global Energy sensemaking system

I uploaded an image here that represents a response I made to Jerry Glenn's Phase I GENIS project. The same architecture might serve the needs of a climate inquiry as well. In fact, I would argue that both inquiries belong together for the obvious reasons of seamless intertwingling of the two universes of inquiry. The three-node architecture breaks down as follows:

  • The left node…

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An attempt to transclude an image

Below is the image, as found in this blog post:

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Web 2.0 Conference resources

This link points to available talks from the Web 2.0 conference. Some talks, I think, are appropriate to the behind-the-scenes activities of those who wish, as we do, to promote online sensemaking.


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