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A sketch of a Global Energy sensemaking system

I uploaded an image here that represents a response I made to Jerry Glenn's Phase I GENIS project. The same architecture might serve the needs of a climate inquiry as well. In fact, I would argue that both inquiries belong together for the obvious reasons of seamless intertwingling of the two universes of inquiry. The three-node architecture breaks down as follows:
  • The left node represents a body of curators, experts in the field, tasked to set directions where needed, to bless various professional brands of holy water on the growing knowledge base, but not to censor incoming resources
  • The center node represents all of the tools of hypermedia discourse, federated with a map of the territory and maintained through web services
  • The right node represents all other stakeholders, behaving according to a set of rules of engagement that encourage civil and scholarly discourse
As I see emerging epistemic communities of this type, there is a requirement for inclusion of the ontologies of the various disciplines entailed in the inquiry, together with a requirement for the folksonomic classification schemes that will necessarily emerge through crowd sourcing of information resources. It's the function of the map to provide representations of the relationships between different classification schemes, and it's the combination of curation and social sensemaking processes that create and maintain those relationships.

I could transclude the image here, but it's huge.

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