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Comment Wall (10 comments)

At 22:19 on August 5, 2008, Dave Gardner said…
Andy, thank you SO much for the intro!
At 0:17 on August 6, 2008, George E. Mobus said…

I just created two new groups, Population and Human Nature. I've invited Dave Gardner to take a leadership role in forming the population one and generating some discussion. I envision that both the human nature group and the population group will both delve into growth issues and their impact on all the other issues.

Care to join????
At 15:03 on August 10, 2008, Lévy Pierre said…
Dear Andy,
Read your "about me". Very interesting ! I'm a meditator also. To answer your question about , there is a button on the left "read this page in english". You can also click on the "dictionary" button, there is an english version. But this site is not at all about pedagogy or explanation. It is almost impossible to understand even in english ! It is just to share some documents with my small reserch team. In addition, the dictionary is not in tune with the new version of the syntax. I'm currently writing a book (the semantic space) that will explain everything. There will be tools too... Thank you for your patience...
At 22:46 on August 11, 2008, John D'hondt said…
Hi Andy,
Perhaps there is not that much reason to be actually envious of our self sufficiency farm. First of all this came about because I became aware some 30 years ago that our world was about to chamge in dramatic ways. In those days the "6th extinction", "global warming" and "peak oil" were all unknown but just based on fundamental ecological laws it was even then clear that something was about to give.
I tried to do my bit by joining the Greens in Flanders, Belgium and by active research (I am a biologist) until the conclusion forced itself upon me that I could have more impact by acquiring as much land as possible in Ireland (80 acres) and at least treat this in an ecological sensible way.
We have had quite a few successes and a lot of hard work to survive in a world hard in the clutches of bureaucrats and big brother. It is today forbidden to leave any birds on the farm outside or to keep more than one species of poultry, to handmilk a cow and drink that milk or to have a compost heap outside during November- December. I could go on for a few pages but lets just say we do not follow all the rules because they are bad for the world and the environment.
Other than that, to be completely self sufficient one needs a group of 25 people or more and we have just 5 here with from time to time a few short time WWOOFER's. Not enough to become complacent.
Anybody who would like to try it out can come and have a look completely free. Long term commitments are potentially possible.

Sorry that I am not that good with pictures and such. I have a good digital camera somewhere but have not used it for some years through lack of time.
At 16:21 on August 20, 2008, Lévy Pierre said…
You're welcome to participate !
At 22:20 on August 20, 2008, Tim Zebo said…
Thanks for your note!
About "seeking a role in a nonprofit", you may want to consider joining linkedin ( It will give you access to a huge range of professional people who may know of openings. Also, FYI, here's an interesting job posting I know about from witness:

I'm new to Global Sensemaking, but I'm really impressed with what I've seen so far. I took a quick look at your blog and love what you're doing there. Good luck in your job search, and thanks again.
At 19:33 on August 25, 2008, Adam said…
Thanks Andy,

I'm putting that work on hold because of offerings by Microsoft and Google that would accomplish much the same thing. That said, the last year of work has led to some interesting connections, and I'm looking forward to see where they'll lead over these coming months.

It looks like you've had a ton of experience. I'm looking forward to discussing possibilities with you. :)

At 22:18 on November 12, 2008, Ben Tremblay said…
Hello Andy - Did you find a bio? I seem to have produced any number here in the Ning cloud ... increasingly I just point to my google profile (not a lot of folk know there is such a thing!).
At 2:54 on November 13, 2008, Ben Tremblay said…
Ah-harr! So my shotgun approach worked! ;-)
Dear old homepage ... it's been a catch-all for years now. Everytime it starts to look slightly craftsman-like I overburden it with something or other.
At 20:45 on June 9, 2009, Lynne Johnson said…
Just joined the network and I'm familiarizing myself with who and what's out there. Your caricature reminded me of a green cartoonist friend, so I decided to say hello.

I too am looking for my part in improving life on the planet, and recently began a job search that generally takes me to the non-profit sector where much of my work has already been to-date, a lot of it with marginalized people and/or with power imbalances, including that odd idea some folks have that humans are separate from and have power over "nature". Like you I once left a PhD program -- when I was spirited away by a faculty member to design a national training program in community development skills.

Unlike many of the other members I've clicked on so far, I'm not a geek/tech specialist, but a where-the-rubber-hits-the-road (and those not in power got hit and those in the driver's seat ran) generalist (please forgive the gas-guzzling metaphor). I'm a practitioner who has worked where it is all seriously is not making sense, and people and the planet are obviously getting hurt.

So much of what we need to attend to concerning our common conundrum is not obvious, though. I guess you could say I've thrown my hat in, or hope to throw my vocational hat in where we can start making sense of these local and global impacts that are less obvious but no less crucial. Oh my. That was a mouthful.

Until we chat again, good luck as you seek and hope that you find.

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