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AB32: California's landmark Global Warming Solutions Act being decided this week

I just read this and wonder what people's thoughts about it are?

* Eric Schmidt and Alan Horn --- 'A Moment of Truth for the Golden St...

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Good article about an important topic. Sound argument. Well written. Thanks for the link.

Who has the algorithm that turns a short piece like this into an argument map without human intervention? Or comes close to doing so? That's what I'd like our group to provide.
You're very welcome, Andy.

When we get to the stage where we can provide random verbal / gestural and seemingly disconnected insights to an AI (robot or desktop agent) and it then manages to generate these:

* argument map
* strategy powerpoint
* spreadsheet
* new algorithms
* medical cures, etc.

is what I'm hoping for in my lifetime.

I believe there can be automated argument maps if we use the same technologies which are applied in simulating protein structures.





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