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What shall we call ourselves? [New Deadline 23:59 PM GMT 10th May]

The live poll is here.

We have the chance to replace the name "" with our own Ning-free domain name, which we can also keep with us, if we decide to migrate elsewhere.

So, what shall we call ourselves? A suggestion to start the process: ( or .org or .net)

Further suggestions and votes below please (with the winner being the suggestion with the most votes at 23:59 PM PST on 9th May)...


The list of suggestions submitted so far is (in alphabetical order):

HC4D on Earth Issues
Human Centered Design for Global Sensemaking [HCDGS]

Thanks to everyone who has participated so far. And keep the suggestions flowing.

As an alternate approach: Mark Aakhus has suggested considering a non-issue specific name, and adopting issue-specific names on a project-by-project basis. Suggestions for names of this type are welcome too.

I'll post a poll on Friday to facilitate the voting process.

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How about climatecollab?,, and are all available.

Thanks for the suggestion and for getting the competition ball rolling...

Depends if you really want this to be about engaging in debate on climate change, and for that to be clear in the name. If so, then ClimateMapping gets the thumbs down: we might read it as "climate argument mapping", but most people won't. And ClimateCollab implies something like a collaborative research project rather than a chance to set out alternative positions.

ClimateArgument is too confrontational. ClimateArgumentation too technical. ClimateArgumentMapping probably better, but a bit long, and seems to exclude non-mapping approaches.

ClimateDeliberation is a reasonable shortening of the (too awkward) Human-Centred Computing for Climate Change Deliberation

ClimateDebate seems pretty straightforward and to-the-point. Or ClimateDebating?

Or maybe take inspiration from Paul Thagard's work: ClimateCoherence?
Thanks for the analysis and suggestions, Robert.

It could be that on one hand there is an overarching name and then on the other hand there are projects/themes/initiatives within the community.
projects/themes/initiatives with appropriate names
Thanks Mark. I have flagged the possibility of this alternate approach in the original message.
Sorry if I sound like a stuck record, but in my view, it's not just about climate; climate, energy, and a bunch of other topics are all intimately (coherently?) related and cannot be excised from the discussion. For me, the question is this: how do you suggest a focus of attention as climate, but still remain open to the related issues?
Thanks Jack: not a broken record, and it's an important point.

With this in mind, "global"—as in Simon's original—would be a natural word for the group to brainstorm around as well.

It's really about "global (wicked) issues", centered--this portal--on climate, but wide open to related sensemaking. Simon's original insight to tackle climate seems spot on, but it's a nagging reality (if only for me) that things we do with energy production/consumption play important roles in climate, and things we do in our social/financial lives drive what we do with energy.
Yes Jack's comment really points into the mess to be addressed. We could also add poverty, hunger, conflict and disease as contributors and consequences. The 'earthissues' is a potentially effective framing of the general concern. 'Global Wicked Issues' points to what we may take to be the contributing factor that prevents progress on global issues. But, then what's the goal of this community -- that is, our discussions and engagements should lead to what?

We might consider how our name conveys a direction or solution to the difficulty we've named.

The overarching goal of our engagement with each other seems to be more aimed at 'sensemaking for intelligent action' about earth issues. Argumentation is a perspective on how to produce intelligent action and a family of methods (the technology so to speak to be perfected as a way to address the puzzle).

But 'argument' isn't a great name.

I lean toward something like:
human centered design for globalsensemaking

and can live with:
HC4D on Earth Issues

The downside is that this takes some attention away from climate change but that could come out in the brief description of the group
Thanks for the analysis, Mark. There's an interesting research paper to be written exploring why the negative connotations of the word "argument" predominate in (our) society...

I have added your suggestions to the collected list at the top.





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