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It appears a number of us will be in the Bay Area of California at the end of this week surrounding the DIAC-2008 conference ( Unfortunately, the conference schedule has yet to be posted so the final place and time of our meeting is unknown at this time.

If you would like to get together please send me your best means of contact (e-mail, phone # and dates of best use) and we can better arrange our meeting at this late date. Please send this information to: jack [at] truthmapping [dot] com

We can meet at my house (which is about 4 miles East of campus if you're a bird, further by road), at my workplace (Pixar - nearby but may not work if too many people) or I can try to find someplace near campus if that is the consensus. Also please let me know if you will or won't have a means of transport though all 3 places are fairly near BART (

This wiki page will be updated with the latest information as well:

see you soon,

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Conference schedule is now up at

the other Jack
Now that the conference schedule is available please mark your availability here:

Also please let me know if you'd like to potentially join via conference call.

The status page has been updated:

Jack Jr.





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