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A flurry ... perhaps a cluster ... someday, a constellation?

A shoe dropped last night. Perhaps not "the other" shoe, but ...
... in any case I finalized (a good beta?) of my issues list. No, that's wrong. I stopped twiddling with it. Well ... stopped for a while.

But looking at it gave rise to another idea for a site.

So I've deployed WordPress "Multi-User" and brought into existence.

I've been advancing on all fronts for a number of years now; this is part of that effort.

Whatever might pass for motive and intention, the end result is this:
if you would like a blog on a specific topic, please take advantage of this and start one, just that!

p.s. Arno Penzias (discoverer of back-ground radiation; head of R&D for AT&T ... yes?) had a fine sense of pragmatics. One of his ideas was, well, almost like a gedanken manifest ... he called it "setting up to fail". Pushing a concept into action with a minimum of invested ego and resources. The end result was either an entity that refused to die or a cheap failure from which could be derived some understanding of the project's inherent weaknesses.
I hope IssuePress can be like that. I don't want it to fail but if it does *shrug* not much lost.
So please don't be shocked by the minimal styles and themes and plugins. These will all be laid in later, as usage indicates.

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