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Ker-ALARM, a mulitmedia interface on Biodiversity

Ker-ALARM “Biodiversity Europe” is an interactive on-line deliberation support tool (DST) for discovery and analysis of the biodiversity challenges facing public policy makers, the business world, scientists and civil society.

Allying science and stakeholder dialogue processes for risk governance, Ker-ALARM introduces visitors to state-of-the-art integrated environmental assessment and participatory evaluation practices.
Participate, via the Deliberation Matrix (The Cube), in a multi-stakeholder multi-criteria scenario evaluation as a framework for the appraisal of the risks of biodiversity loss and of options for policy.
Familiarise yourself with, and contribute to, the Indicator Dialogue Box — an interactive meta-information system for the information sets used in description and evaluation of system change, and a forum for dialogue between producers and users of information.
Discover an array of procedures for Knowledge Quality Assessment that address data sources, model specifications and incertitude, and also societal dimensions such as value systems, power relations and acceptability of risks in the framing of science-policy issues.

Learn about the reasons for being concerned about biodiversity loss and change.
Enter the “Biodiversity Europe” Virtual Garden to appreciate the variety and significance for human society of European biodiversity. Discover the fauna and flora of inland waters, wetlands, forests, grasslands and dry scrub, agroecosystems, mountains, polar habitats and urban ecosystems.
Explore the spectrum of governance issues and the importance of policy action in each field:— Maintenance of Biological Richness; Ecosystem Services to the Economy; Economic Performance; Social Cohesion; Power Structures & Political Models; Economic Regulation; Environmental Governance; Community & Local Identity; Perceived Quality of Landscape; Status of Nature.
Build bridges between different points of views on biodiversity and what needs to be done.

Become a participant in a Europe-wide science-policy dialogue.
What are the factors determining current and possible future biodiversity loss and change?
What governance can, and should, be influenced over European biodiversity change?
Who are the key players and classes of stakeholders in the governance of biodiversity change?
Who might be interested in learning from the results of ALARM?
What are the communication challenges — the “gaps” to be bridged — to link the actors in the scientific world with those in public policy and administration, the business world and civil society?

Travel in a virtual world in order to gain new insights about our real one. Walk through the doorway to the ALARM Project’s multi-disciplinary scientific results.
Explore scenarios of possible futures for European Biodiversity with the help of models, Images, maps, graphs and texts from the ALARM scientific community.
Link to the ALARM Project’s “Data Warehouse” for the complete spectrum of scientific data produced and made available by the ALARM scientific community.
Exploit hyperlink access to a comprehensive documentation of the Ker-ALARM system itself and to information about the “outside” world.

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