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At 17:55 on June 9, 2009, Jack Park said…
Hi Lynn,

At 64 going on 16, I, too, remain enthusiastic about global issues, and I (I think like may other people around the world) exhibit holes in the literacy required to conduct deliberative discourse necessary to work together to find solutions to those global issues. About your paper, it seems reasonable that, if you wish, you might upload it to this site; it would then become visible as are documents uploaded by others. I am certain that many members of this tribe would be as interested as I am to read your writing. Thanks. --Jack
At 19:52 on June 9, 2009, lynn said…
hi fellow lynne

what an interesting way to find someone - thru a stand of dna and goog!

i'm a geek, but love the dna graphic as it's special dna. as to dialogue, geeks have it all the time - globally. i'm always happy to have another! a different subject would be a relief too :)
At 23:18 on June 9, 2009, lynn said…
the dna is the double helix. see

diialogue - hmmm... i think the only difference is this: are we in the same restaurant or server room? it's all just another form of communication. example - low tech = ma bell telephony, high tech = voip. it's all just telephony, only we know how to make cheaper calls than most.basically free or close to it - globally.

hackers of course prefer being anon to a certain extent. yes, they are geeks too.

dialogue with geeks? boring i think. but you may have a different opinion. wicked problems? that sound intriguing. the two meet with issues such as electronic voting, spying on we the people, and more

i'd love to see the paper when you post it. let me know a url!

g2g - off to a meeting! online of course :).
At 2:56 on June 10, 2009, lynn said…
you are not in a minority at all. there are mostly non-geeks here. i'm in the minority.
At 10:35 on June 10, 2009, lynn said…
you're welcome :) anytime!
At 11:30 on June 10, 2009, lynn said…
interesting paper. i particularly noticed the part about how we in the usa behave and those in other countries don't understand our actions, nor do we understand how our actions effect those around the planet.
At 18:26 on June 10, 2009, lynn said…
wow! looks like you really knew how to work the system! and did! it's also always good to work with a good group. it sounds like you had one.
At 19:46 on June 10, 2009, George E. Mobus said…
Welcome aboard Lynne. I haven't been terribly active of late, in part because some of my related interests are taking off, and because it seems to me that the energy crisis is looming much larger than any of us previously thought. I'm turning my attention to what is called biophysical economics in an attempt to get a handle on the relationship between energy and society.

At 22:28 on June 10, 2009, lynn said…
geeeze. you're forcing me to spill the beans. lynne with an 'e'... omg - i'm about to be found out. i can't stand it. you better not tell... this is just between lynn(e)s, got it? sure? you are now going to find out my deep dark secret. i'm really trusting you on this. are you ready? really ready? are you sitting down? ok... here goes... google images...
At 22:30 on June 10, 2009, Scott said…
Lynne, thank you for spending the time reviewing the GSM site as well as my Do Good Gauge abstract. Your assessment of the approach in my language is probably closer to reality than I would like to believe. Obtaining continued dialog with Socratic types interested in bringing a democratic forum to Argumentation Theory in a manner which brings competition, collaboration, and collects a wider prospective of points of view with respect to time, space, and social order has been beyond my reach. I'm not throwing in the towel yet. I will take your comments into consideration in future revisions of the DGG abstract.
At 23:04 on June 10, 2009, lynn said…
nope. it wasn't cut off. i really found it on goog images...

glad you like my sense of humor. i like to laugh as much as possible... you do pretty well yourself.

have a good time in your class...
At 0:32 on June 11, 2009, Scott said…
The towel is white and thin, just like the ones at Tai Chi Center or public gym. Sometimes it reaps of sweat, other times (like now) it is clean and sitting on a shelf waiting to be used.

There are several efforts to develop internet tools for improving understanding and enhancing debate, but I have yet to latch onto a group with the breadth of the DGG requirements.

The introduction of Google provided a simple method for the masses to research and obtain reference material. Craig's List provided a simple and cost effected media to publish classified ads.

With the internet technologies of today, I believe a simple, competitive, comprehensive, and democratic tool can be developed to revolutionize journalism and debate.

The sweat in the effort has occurred by angling my sales pitch to various academic research programs around the world. I had a little, but unsustainable amount of dialog with academics in Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Natural Language Processing, Philosophy, Mass Communications, and Political Science.

The purpose of the sales pitch is to gather a small group with similar ambitions and the motivation to refine the requirements in a manner much clearer than my initial attempts.

Lynne, thank you for the dialog.
At 1:59 on June 11, 2009, lynn said…
i couldn't help but notice the comment below. a few things - first - goog is getting evil and scary. stay away as much as possible. they collect tons of info about al of us that uses any goog services, search, mail, etc etc.

next, are you looking for a place to have a dialogue? or to collect info about dialogues?
At 21:34 on June 11, 2009, Maureen Miller said…
I have a teaching degree but after four years decided classroom politics, committees and parents was not for me. I teach what I learn to whomever asks. Right now my passion is Neuroplasticity. I recycle everything I can and as a result we do a 2wk garbage pickup and I am hard pressed to fill it up. I also do composting.
We live in the middle of a rain forest so I've got my garden up and coming. I spent all week figuring out an irrigation system to water because it gets very dry in the summer. Bizarre for a rain forest.
We have to be very careful with our water. We have a well but it is fed with run off. We don't drink it though...
Hopefully with this new irrigation system I can grow my own food this year. We used to have chickens but some people around here leave cat food out for their cats and it attracts raccoons. Raccoons are vicious when it comes to killing chickens.
At 22:52 on June 11, 2009, lynn said…
the evils of goog.... hmmm. let me just say this. they keep info on everything you do on goog, no matter what. did you know youtube is goog too? also doubleclick?

plus they turned people in to the chinese govt. they are in prison now. so did msft and yahoo.

this is a decent place to do dialogue. there are just not that many here. try you can meet others after a while and invite them here, or do it there in a twine.
At 1:02 on June 12, 2009, David Price said…
Hi, Lynne.

Yes: the emphasis is on the graph and on the representation and mutual interaction of every emergent perspective.

...and welcome to the group!

At 7:57 on June 12, 2009, Luca Iandoli said…
thanks. Perhaps is better is if you send me some specific questions or we could chat by skype, my account is luca.iandoli


At 12:11 on June 12, 2009, robert beckett said…
Hi Lynne, A lovely introduction from you and a kind inquiry as to the state of play in my world. Firstly, welcome to the global sense-making community of which i am aso a new member. I'm presently sitting in the British Library, what a wonderful place, attempting to finish a research project that includes a study of dialogue - from Plato to Habermas - and my own method of numerical-semantic cataloguing which i have been using for some time as a practical means to break down complex ideas in the discipline of communication ethics (such a big field). I have deep discussions with my partner, Jule, who suggests that its all simple, at least when I am on my routine, 'we need tools to unravel endless complexity', and then the tables turn and she retains the complex argument while I vote for simplicity. BTW your background and broad range of interests really suit you to working with the tools for sense-making linked here...have a look at for promises a really interesting means to support live dialogue events. My own method is slowly being turned into a technology, with a beta version available i hope this year. Of course there is in our society a deep disconnet between the lifeworld and the type of 'administrative logic' used by people in systems, who apparently see the world as a material resource for exploitation. All my work to date suggests that we require benevolent technologies like the ones all over this site, that allow citizens to make their own decisions, to govern themselves, but in order to communicate with others, that encourage them to justify these decisions. On the matter of dialogue, what i have learned is that they must always be recorded, so that evidence is amassed of the true value of human community and this is protected as a valuable resource for each community. So get talking is my advice, record every word and transcribe it for the participants - go to communities with 'issues' and allow them to protect themselves against systematic interests by the simple fact that their voices have been recorded and their truths distributed. NO corporation or government can beat that, although the aggregation of views may change outcomes, at least those views cannot be denied. regards robert
At 1:47 on June 13, 2009, Maureen Miller said…
nope I don't have animals in my compost. Its enclosed. It also doesn't have an odor because I have TONS of worms in there composting away at it.
At 8:58 on June 13, 2009, Silje Alberthe Kamille Friis said…
Hi Lynne, I think my name is pronounced like you would say Seelieu in English. Why did I join? Well, I was invited by my good friend Garry VanPatter, who has a similar background to my own - design - and has taken the work to a whole new level, developing visual sense-making tools, and entirely new approaches for complex problem solving and co-creation. I joined because I believe in the co-creation efforts across disciplines and national borders in order to solve some of the massive problems facing the animal kingdom called Earth. This is an incredibly difficult task - and it is so not what is happening at the moment. The groups with global outlook are primarily the international corporations and the military - not the politicians. We simply lack institutions, which have the power to create solutions and make decisions based on the global common welfare - and not guided by the local/national interests alone. I still haven't had a chance to dive into the discussions and work taking place in this community - but I hope to learn & contribute - and connect with people who bring different pieces of the puzzle to the table.

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