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Towards an Apollo Moon Landing-style Effort

It seems to me that the time is ripe to mount an effort roughly the equivalent of the Apollo Mission, but not the way the Apollo Mission was handled. Consider this possibility:

In comparison to the hierarchical command/control model in play which arguably worked spectacularly well during the moon landings, it is now possible to think of a network topology which is not a rooted tree; rather, a graph of well-federated efforts to bring as many people on this planet (stakeholders) into structured conversations which seek, let's call it a requisite variety of world views justified by evidence.

In the same sense as Theory U (understanding and evolving how views are held) and Narrative Therapy (finding dominant narratives, seeking also to find excepts), and IBIS (really: same thing), it seems that we have the opportunity to craft and launch a trusted global platform for federation of all world views against issues that matter.

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Comment by Jack Park on December 29, 2014 at 19:51

I began a planning document for a Meetup in February which takes this concept as its basis. The document is available for comments here

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