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... this snippet I sent while in conversation with David is something like a snapshot:

To give you a sense of where I'm at on my secondary project (something to start driving some income), this is what I'm welding into the main page of my new MultiUser WordPress theme, the anchor for the "retail" aspect of my project:

1ace-click-scroll-div uses dolphin.js ... but WP is quite jQuery ready ... so though I like the look, I'm not sure I'm going to import another library, however small. The images are just FooBar; the 2nd tab is the good stuff. (I've trimmed this to be as light-weight as possible.) TBD: find a jQuery equivalent.
1ace-scroll_tabber uses a "CSS only" method ... fast return, but of course much more limited prospects.

RightSidebar ... core to any template ... I can't even estimate how much time I've thought about what a fine sidebar would look like.
This slab uses some code from SocialMedian ...I think I'll end up with something like that. (WordPress is moving ahead with sidebar tabs.)

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