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Knowmads, of Texture and sensuality in hyperconnectivity

"The social aspect of the hyperconnected web carries an update to the nature of propinquity. Propinquity is a conceptual brick we need re-acquire and redefine in the era of hyperconnectivity. By allowing the texture of hyperconnected virtuality to gain precedence we will open new realms of sensual experience previously unexplored, these realms offer the potential to explore new forms of freedom not previously accessible or existent.
Polytopians are Knowmads pushing the edge of texture (of flows of interest) by embodying the new meaning of propinquity."

Knowmads, of Texture and sensuality in hyperconnectivity



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Tags: Intersubjectivity, Knowmads, Peoxemics, Polytopia, Propinquity, Proximity, Value

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