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A Cyber Soaring Humanity-or The rise of the Cyber Unified Civilization

This is my latest entry in the Polytopia project and the first for 2010:
A Cyber Soaring Humanity - or The rise of the Cyber Unified Civiliz...

if you have a moment pls read it, would love to hear your comments

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Tags: Civilization, Collective, Cybernetics, Cyberspace, Intelligence, Polytopia

Comment by Jack Park on March 7, 2010 at 17:26
In that post, you said:
Shifts in thought, shifts in perception, shifts in paradigms, all shifts happen simultaneously and concomitantly, some we see and some we don’t, some of these shifts are gradual and some of these shifts are sudden. Our task here then is to contain both kinds, to uphold a view that is floating above the fray and yet intertwines with the fleeting moment of eternality we call now. The shifts that are coming upon us are disrupting the ways of old in the most positive way possible; they are finally rearranging our modes of thought and basic worldviews.

I think it's interesting that you talk about shifts. Let me toss in a link to the Shift Index which, I think, takes shifts, mostly the switch from reliance on stocks to interest in flows, to new dimensions for deliberation.
Comment by Wildcat on March 8, 2010 at 13:37
Thanks for the comment Jack, and I am in fact reading the pdf and listening to John Hagel, his interest in flows is fascinating especially in that the emergence of long term intensity reflects a mounting pressure to shift in perspective. as I see it part of the problem is the lack of understanding of the concept of asymmetry in infocologies, a concept I explore in the my latest entry : The Natural Asymmetry of Infocologies

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