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I'll report on the Motu project here. I discovered it while searching for open source TreeMap projects. Found one here, and it's used in the Motu project. Here's what the Motu site says (I wish the blockquote tag would work):

"The Motu system allows a virtual team to share data supporting in the mean time awareness. It appears to be a tool such as BSCW, TeamScope or SourceForge. It includes an awareness system within a shared data manager. The Motu system distinguish itself with its richer awareness system as a sharper and a more active detection of users activity, indeed users are informed live. "

The project is an old one (7 years), implying it's not all that up to date, possibly dead now. But, I think that it's worth browsing such projects, perhaps collecting, say, a spreadsheet of existing projects from which to craft a matrix of capabilities to juxtapose with a needs matrix.

Meanwhile, TreeMap and its sister HyperTree (both Java, MIT license), are of interest to sensemaking portals that would display data.

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