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Multi-option Technical Facilitation of Public Debate Eliciting consensus nationally and internationally

Possibilities suggested by the Grand Débat in France

Current multi-platform technical viability and costs

Eliciting insights from the public via debate

Technical facilitation of insight capture and processing

Enabling consensual articulation --…


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Towards an Apollo Moon Landing-style Effort

It seems to me that the time is ripe to mount an effort roughly the equivalent of the Apollo Mission, but not the way the Apollo Mission was handled. Consider this possibility:

In comparison to the hierarchical command/control model in play which arguably worked spectacularly well during the moon landings, it is now possible to think of a network topology which is not a rooted tree; rather, a graph of well-federated efforts to bring as many people on this planet (stakeholders) into…


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Experiments with collaboration platform design

I've been accumulating thoughts at

and am starting to craft a platform which serves as a framework for experimentation. The platform is called TQPortal, and a prototype is online (on a creaky old server at my home) here.  This is the first platform I put online that is supported by a full topic map rather than…


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Anthony Judge: Musings on global sensemaking

Anthony Judge's latest seems like a launching pad for musing on the topic of sensemaking.  I suspect that that article, together with links from it, serve as talking points for deep thinking about sensemaking.

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Condos in the Big Data Knowledge Garden

My slides for a presentation are now up here.

The presentation is for the Big Data Science meetup, Saturday, 12 May, 2012.

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IBIS meets MediaWiki

As part of a much larger open source collective intelligence platform, an IBIS extension has been created for MediaWiki. The development website for it is found here. What you can navigate at this time starts from an index of conversations. Each conversation has its own home page with an explanation (motivation) for the conversation followed by any responses, which, typically, are issues raised. That format is similar… Continue

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Bloomer: Open Source for Collective Intelligence

The Millennium Project just announced the Global Climate Change Situation Room. The project entails numerous activities, one of which is a collective intelligence platform prototype. I am calling that project Bloomer.

The project includes a Federation… Continue

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COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace

Version 4 of this entire book in PDF form is online here. It's 648 pages long (6+mb download).

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Required (strongly suggested) Reading

Have a read of this:
Joshua Cooper Ramo (2009) The Age of the Unthinkable: Why the new world disorder constantly surprises us and what we can do about it. Little, Brown and Company.

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Pierre Lévy posted a bookmark at Twine to WikiScience. From that page, we find this description:

WikiScience is devoted to mass collaboration and the use of Science and ingenuity to address the problems of desertification and the effects of global climate change. It is meant to provide a canvas to enable both scientists and Citizen Scientists alike to work…

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Michael Wesh and the Future of Education

I wrote a blog entry at the wiki that talks about a one-hour video podcast that I strongly recommend viewing. Wesh covers aspects of sensemaking, albeit in a learning environment, HCI, online games, and much more. My opinion is that his work is highly appropriate to sensemaking research. More information can be found here.

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Meedan (meeting place)

Meedan is the Arabic word for 'meeting place' or 'town square'.

It's also a startup. From a bio of Ed Bice:

"Ed is the founder, Chief Executive Officer, and lead designer of Me[e]dan, a non-profit working to create a cross-language (initially Arabic/English) media sharing and dialogue platform due to release Jan 2008. In this role he has led Me[e]dan’s research partnership with IBM and… Continue

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Fork in the road for social media

From the readwrite web blog:

"Social networking is at a major fork in the road. Down one road is adding more features to a walled garden and opening up just enough, so that users seldom need to leave. Most sites are going down this yellow brick road and the prize is clearly a big one. But they may end up back in Kansas. Down the other road, lies a future of being the primary repository for… Continue

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A dashboard, in Web parlance, could be an entire portal or just some widget on any page. The purpose of a dashboard is to provide contextually related information, something like "just-in-time" information. One of the Google ads on this website happens to provide a nifty dashboard, albeit useful only in the U.S. It's a map of the states that responds to clicks on various states. A click gets you a display of the percentages of that… Continue

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Insight from a stroke

I believe there exists an important relationship between the message in this TED video and global sensemaking activities.

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Seasteading: Ocean Colonies

Wired has an article related to seasteading, complete with a link to an online 300-page book on the subject. A quick glance at the book suggests it might be organized in such a fashion that it could be the target of issue mapping exercises from which a number of important issues related to the larger global sensemaking… Continue

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Working environment for virtual teams

I'll report on the Motu project here. I discovered it while searching for open source TreeMap projects. Found one here, and it's used in the Motu project. Here's what the Motu site says (I wish the blockquote tag would work):

"The Motu system allows a virtual team to share data supporting in the mean time awareness. It appears to be a tool such as BSCW, TeamScope or SourceForge. It includes an… Continue

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Footprint Calculator

"Global Footprint Network is pleased to announce a new Ecological Footprint Calculator! Currently we have calculators available for the U.S. and Australia, with more countries being added all the time. Click on one of these countries below to help see how your living habits relate to your use of the planet's resources."

Adding a bit more:… Continue

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Collaboration and virtual worlds

A comment at the end of this business week article pointed to this page. The comment said "Cardinal Rule: Process precedes technology."

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