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June 2008 Blog Posts (9)

Ker-ALARM, a mulitmedia interface on Biodiversity

Ker-ALARM “Biodiversity Europe” is an interactive on-line deliberation support tool (DST) for discovery and analysis of the biodiversity challenges facing public policy makers, the business world, scientists and civil society.

Allying science and stakeholder dialogue processes for risk governance, Ker-ALARM introduces visitors to state-of-the-art integrated environmental assessment and participatory evaluation practices.

Participate, via the Deliberation Matrix (The Cube), in a… Continue

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The VIRTUALIS Project uses interactive multimedia technologies for the initiation of interested users to environmental risks and governance challenges. The focus of the project is not the production of information but rather the "mediation of knowledge" - facilitating the learning by non-specialist members of society. VIRTUALIS has therefore produced a suite of products with a pedagogic mission. The multimedia creations permit the user to learn through progressive discovery of virtual worlds… Continue

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Dealing with Uncertainty in a post-normal science perspective

In relation to policy, "the environment" is particularly challenging. It includes masses of detail concerning many particular issues, which require separate analysis and management. At the same time, there are broad strategic issues, which should guide regulatory work, such as those connected with "sustainability". Nothing can be managed in a convenient isolation; issues are mutually implicated; problems extend across many scale levels of space and time; and uncertainties and value-loadings of… Continue

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The KERDST is an on-line tool, developed with ‘Open Source’ conventions, offering to users a multi-stakeholder multi-criteria deliberation framework that can be applied to any situation of choice or debate.

The construction of a multi-stakeholder multi-criteria deliberation framework involves the mobilisation of two main types of information, descriptive and normative. These are the requirements for:

1. REPRESENTING THE SITUATION (or, more generally, the set of situations considered… Continue

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Video Interviews with Mark Klein about the MIT Climate Collaboratorium

Mark was interviewed recently by Dave Witzel, who, among other roles, is a Visiting Senior Program Associate at the Center for Global Development [and now a new member of].

Dave has posted two sections from the interview on… Continue

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DIAC demo paper

Here's the demo that Anna is going to give at DIAC this month:

De Liddo, A. and Buckingham Shum, S. (2008). Knowledge Media Tools for Capturing Deliberation in Participatory Spatial Planning. Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing: Conference on Online Deliberation. June 26-29, 2008, Berkeley,


[Preprint:… Continue

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Open Archives Initiative: Object Reuse and Exchange (OAI-ORE)

Possibly an important new standard for referring to a meaningful collection of material called a Resource Map... I note the interest in helping Web 2.0 apps to reference these, though not had time to figure out what they mean by this...

From the primer: "The ORE Model makes it possible to associate identities with aggregations of web resources and to describe their structure and semantics. It does this by introducing the… Continue

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What does a Sensemaking API look like?

In the SocialLearn project here at the OU [fledgling site], we are developing an API for "Social Learning"... think Google's OpenSocial, but tailored for learning in social networks.

This is all under wraps at present, but we might ask what does it mean to create a sensemaking API? Is this really the same as a learning API, which might allow you to share learning objectives via Twitter, Facebook and SN-tool XYZ?

Or is… Continue

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Meedan (meeting place)

Meedan is the Arabic word for 'meeting place' or 'town square'.

It's also a startup. From a bio of Ed Bice:

"Ed is the founder, Chief Executive Officer, and lead designer of Me[e]dan, a non-profit working to create a cross-language (initially Arabic/English) media sharing and dialogue platform due to release Jan 2008. In this role he has led Me[e]dan’s research partnership with IBM and… Continue

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