Global Sensemaking

Tools for Dialogue and Deliberation on Wicked Problems

Please visit the the new Global Sensemaking Wiki if only to register, look around, and add a bookmark to your browser. I hope you'll also be inspired to enhance it.

You'll find our current agenda there. Work has begun on two of its items:

(1) Defining the problems we are addressing—building a definitive, systemic map of the (interrelated) global problems. Focusing initially on the issues rather than the solutions.


(4) Defining a charter / ethos of the group. Identifying and exemplifying the patterns of interactions that we aim to encourage more widely in society.

Feel free to contribute to those and/or jump on the other agenda items.


To Jack for suggesting Deki Wiki.
To David P for setting it up twice (once at WetPaint then moving it to Deki Wiki) and for creating the excellent GSm logo which you'll see on its pages:

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How do I register? I don't see a "register" icon on the main page.
Just added you. You should receive an email shortly. Enter, go to "My Page", click Tools, scroll down to My Preferences, and change your password.
Got it - thanks!
I just left a comment on the Agenda thread re: this wiki project. I've suggested that the wiki be used to refine final products of our collaborations such as our mission, goals, etc. and that we have backroom discussions through other tools in order to generate a consensus draft statement and then post on the wiki for further refinement. Mark suggested a few that might be better than Ning.
Would that we could all consume our own dog food rather than shoe-horn our thoughts into the very tools we think could benefit from improvement. Ning is a pretty good product, and Mark Andreesssen is probably working to improve it over time. Indeed, it seems to be the nature of part of this inquiry to sort out what those improvements ought to look like. Seems we need our own dog food just to invent it. Let's see if I can spell "conundrum".
I had thought anyone register on the wiki, but turns out that's not the case as Mark K found out.

Anyone object to opening it up? Since we don't have any good way to automatically authenticate users of this Ning group, I think we should allow anyone to join the wiki. Otherwise, we have an administration and user-experience nightmare.
I would be happy for the wiki to be opened up. However, if as a group we decide not to open it yet, it would be a comparatively simple manual task for me as the Ning Network Creator—nephew of Ming the Merciless—to distribute wiki invitations to everyone in the group.

I opted to defer sending wiki invitations to everyone at the outset to give us a few days first to confirm that we are reasonably happy with DekiWiki.
Opps! I guess my post above falls into the "ask for forgiveness later" category. I wouldn't mind deleting it. The Draft Agenda discussion here on Ning links to the wiki also so perhaps adding some text there about the trial period would be a good thing.

We don't have a lot of people activity contributing to Ning yet so I'm not too worried about having a lot of people getting confused with Deki Wiki.

Thanks for your kind feedback on the logo—which was thrown together quickly to replace the generic MindTouch logo that appears on Dekiwiki, and which is intended only as a placeholder until we can address the issue properly.






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